Pushing Past Pressure


“Fear is just you trying to predict the future”

Now that was a quote I needed to hear this week. I’ve been listening to podcast after podcast about small businesses, figuring out all of the little details that go into creating an Etsy site, finishing up our next catalog at work, annnnnd starting the search to buying my first home. Needless to say, my anxiety levels have been at an all time high this month.

I heard this quote and thought – hold on, that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m drowing in the what-if’s and you know what – those rarely happen. More often than not, I find myself laughing at how worried I was about something that had a very simple solution.

So here’s to pushing past that fear and taking a chance. Because most of those what-if’s never come true and I’m strong enough to deal with the ones that do.


Ok, that was more of a life update than a photography post – so here’s a dreamy, pink sunrise shot to help calm anyone else out there who may be feelin’ the pressure right now!



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