After the Storm


I am so happy to finally be back home in Wilmington. At the one week mark of our evacuation we got confirmation that our street had power and we heard about a route that opened up. At 5am, with a car full of gas and groceries, we headed home. I guess I thought that the worst was over and once we were back everything would just kind of fall back to normalcy.

That really wasn’t the case. This was the first hurricane I’ve been through and I learned a lot from it. I’m beyond grateful that there was no major damage to our home, but others sadly didn’t fare as well.  It was horrible driving down the streets, seeing how this hurricane wreaked havoc on my town.  Almost every light was out and debris and downed trees were e v e r y w h e r e. Right behind my place, a house was cut in half from a tree falling on it.  No restaurants were open, grocery stores were starting to open, but weren’t stocked because trucks couldn’t get in. If gas stations did have gas, the lines were insane. There were places with no flooding then one street over houses would be under 2ft+ of water. The flooding still hasn’t subsided here and in towns around us.

IMG_0292But there was beauty in seeing an entire community coming together. People helping one another and seeing so many come to our rescue and work insane hours to get our town back to normal as quickly as possible.

On my second day back I took a drive to Wrightsville to search the sand for those giant shells that come up with the Hurricanes. I was happy to see that this place was the same. Some erosion, some damage, but people fighting for it’s beauty.

The people here are resilient and I’m so lucky to be a part of it. #wilmingtonstrong

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