New Photos | Winter at Wrightsville Beach

Lately it feels like its been overcast everyday. I keep watching the weather for a day that’ll bring a colorful sunrise, but no such luck. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we’ll get a good one, but for now I want to share a few photo from my last beach session.

There was no sun in sight, but it was such a beautiful, peaceful morning on a day that was fairly warm. I had fun playing around with new editing techniques and bringing out some brighter colors, so check them out below along with an update on my Etsy site – Wright + Roam!




ESTY-SHOP-UPDATE-BANNERI also wanted to give a little Etsy update! — I’m working to launch my site in the next week/week and half. I’m just waiting on some shipping supplies to arrive and working on the finishing touches for a couple new images! I’ve got the banner ready and I’ll be working on the listings this weekend. I can’t believe it’s almost ready!!



Such a still day and I love how the water was so icy blue.






And of course, I always have to break the rules a little with some hand held long exposures.



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