New Photos | Winter at Wrightsville Beach

Lately it feels like its been overcast everyday. I keep watching the weather for a day that’ll bring a colorful sunrise, but no such luck. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we’ll get a good one, but for now I want to share a few photo from my last beach session.

There was no sun in sight, but it was such a beautiful, peaceful morning on a day that was fairly warm. I had fun playing around with new editing techniques and bringing out some brighter colors, so check them out below along with an update on my Etsy site – Wright + Roam!




ESTY-SHOP-UPDATE-BANNERI also wanted to give a little Etsy update! — I’m working to launch my site in the next week/week and half. I’m just waiting on some shipping supplies to arrive and working on the finishing touches for a couple new images! I’ve got the banner ready and I’ll be working on the listings this weekend. I can’t believe it’s almost ready!!



Such a still day and I love how the water was so icy blue.






And of course, I always have to break the rules a little with some hand held long exposures.



Photo Diary | Hiking Kings Pinnacle

This blog post is for all of those sitting on the couch, full + happy from from great food and wonderful times spent with family. My parents got to see the new house for the first time this weekend, which has been great. We’ve had days of great food, shopping, and a big win for the Buckeyes! Safe to say, it’s been a great and needed long weekend. I hope you all enjoyed these few days and are now relaxing before the week begins!

I’ve also been able to go through the images I got from last weeks hiking/Charlotte trip. I was really worried we scheduled this trip too late and the fall leaves would be gone, but I’m so happy I was wrong. The top of the mountain was starting to lose leaves, but the golds and reds still covered the drive and all of the lower walk. We hiked Kings Pinnacle at Crowder Mountain State Park.  It was about a 4 mile hike with really beautiful views at the top. The hike to the peak was pretty steep, but I highly recommend this trail! So, while your digesting crazy amounts of thanksgiving turkey + potatoes, I hope you can take a few minutes to enjoy these fall filled photos.















Fall color change + a couple freebies!


I’m trading in beach photos for fall feels + changing leaves this week. Fall colors are making their way to this little beach town! Snow pics are starting to pop up from friends in the midwest, we may not be there yet with our mid 70s weather, but at least I can start pulling out my jeans and light sweaters.


We’re starting to slow down on house projects and our couch arrived a few days ago – just in time for the coziest part of the year! The boy, the pup, & I spent some time at Greenfield Lake Park to enjoy the beginnings of the season. We’re heading on a hike next weekend to Charlotte to see the leaves change in the mountains, but we had a few date changes, so I’m really hoping we don’t miss it!

downloadableI also wanted to give you guys a little update — I’ve been working on my Etsy Site to get you guys an easy way to purchase prints! I’ve finally decided on a name, Wright + Roam. So please go follow me on instagram at @wrightandroam for all launch updates and new photos!

Here are a couple freebies for you! Two cell phone background downloadables to get your background all ready for fall!! — Click to open + save!









Finding the shot on an overcast day

I live for a good sunrise or sunset. Some days you get your butt out of bed, head to the beach with gear in hand, and you get to sip your coffee in front of an unbelievable display of color. Other days, you get to the beach and realize it’s overcast or the sun seems to drift through a haze of almost no color.

On these days it becomes a different kind of shoot and you adjust. The subject in my long exposure shoots is color, so when there is no color you get to be a little more creative.  You fix your camera settings and explore different shots to get the most out of your background. The images I’m sharing today are from a sunset. It had been bright all day, but by the time I got to the beach, thunder clouds were rolling in. I tested a few different backgrounds and had some fun working with the icy blue light. You take what you can get and even on the worst day — you’re still at the beach soooo, life’s pretty damn good.

You can shop all of these as prints in my shop by following this link: and I’d love to hear any experiences you’ve had with sunrise/sunset or long exposure photography!


Sometimes all you need is a well exposed shot. The long exposures didn’t allow you to see the clouds or the contrast in the ocean, so I wanted at least a few images to showcase the scene as it was. The storm clouds coming in and the rain over the ocean in the background. The entire beach was blue.


This is one of my favorties — I see it printed gigantic, at least 20×20 in a living room. For this shot I played with the white balance. Because everything was blue, it was easy to color change it all at once.

And of course — play with long exposures. I love to try different styles, some on a tripod, some hand held and exploring the different scenes that are created post processing.





It’s great when everything goes right and you get exactly the shot you planned for. But every so often, you need an unexpected day. It gets you out of your comfort zone and makes you try new things.


Fall on the Beach


After a few crazy months life is slowly getting back to normal. I’m ready to drift into the comforts of fall — crisp walks, comfort food, & cozy nights. We took a drive to the beach after work this week to get that creativity flowing and enjoy those relaxing views with the pup. I love fall at the beach, even though it looks the same, the feel is totally different. Things slow down, the crowds are gone, & cozy sweaters replace bikinis. It feels more like home than a destination.




I added a few prints just added to the shop! And I’m slowly, but surely working on an etsy site that’s a little more user friendly than my current online shop. I definitely did not realize how much goes into it. Anyway, hope you’re all enjoying the little things!