Fleeing from Florence

Wrightsville Beach, Wilmington Hurricane

I took a little break from posting to ride out a busy summer of looking for and buying my first home in Wilmington, NC. A week ago, that purchase was made and I began my move, only to find out a few days later that a Category 4 hurricane was headed right for my coastal town.

On Tuesday, I spent my day desperately packing up the first floor of my apartment that was at high flood risk to move to my new home that had a much lower flood risk and prepared to evacuate. First thing Wednesday morning I packed a suitcase and headed to Winston-Salem with my boyfriend and my pup to ride out Hurricane Florence.

I am thankful. I am thankful that leaving was an option. I’m thankful we found a place that would accept dogs and allow us to extend our stay as long as we needed. I’m thankful that we were already in the process of moving, so most of our stuff is in plastic bins. I’m thankful we’re redoing our floors so the only thing in my home is concrete. We have a lot to be thankful for.

We are safe, we are happy we made the decision to evacuate, but at the same time I feel helpless. It’s been hard to do anything but watch the weather channel 24/7. I hate not knowing the status of our home. We have no idea when we’ll be able to get back and assess any damage. I feel helpless to save my own home and I feel helpless to help out my community. The damage I’ve seen and heard from friends is scary. I’m ready to get back, I’m ready to get to work and put the pieces of this community back together.

Florence was knocked down to a Category 1 and I’m so glad that we didn’t get the initial damage we could have. But nonetheless, this storm was strong and it’s lasted for days. The initial hit Thursday and Friday may not have been as bad as it could have been, but the falling trees and the insane flooding that started Saturday has been relentless.

I’m thankful for the people who stayed, who are already doing such a good job of helping and working tirelessly to get our lives back to normal as soon as possible, and somehow still find the time to update those of us who left.

Please pray for this beautiful place that I call home as they fight through days of this storm and the new damage that happens each day. I can’t wait to go home, to help, and to move on from this. I’m ready for this storm to be over.


Resources that I’ve found really helpful for consistent updates of Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, and Carolina Beach:

Instagram: @whatsupwilmington  // Facebook: Wilmington Community Group


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A Time to Blog

Sunrise-wrightsville-beach-rominskiquote-so-it-beginsYears ago I had a blog that I loved. I was consistent and dedicated, but – as the story tends to go – I got a full time job and there wasn’t enough time in the day. I think out of fear that I wouldn’t succeed on my own, I needed (and maybe still need) security and I ended up giving all of myself to someone else’s dream.

You know the story.

Since then, I switched jobs and made a move to the warm, beachy North Carolina Coast. I’m a photographer and my main goal has always been to make a living in this field and I’ve worked very hard to make that happen. I think for me, it’s always felt easier/less stressful to be in a full-time photography position than to freelance. But, while I love what I get to do, it doesn’t leave a lot of time for personal projects.

I decided to begin this blog journey again as a way to hold myself accountable – to get back into consistently making art. I realized I’ve worked for other companies so long that I need to explore my own style & see my visions come to life. I would love to hear any feedback so, please feel free to connect, share stories, & give advice!

Here’s to a new chapter and a place to share new work, ideas, and pieces of my life.



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